Our new Information Hub…

The rain is still trying to dampen our spirits, but camaraderie is high and everyone is focused not only on the launch, but on the six weeks ahead. That’s where we will come face to face with the public…

I can’t remember how the conversation started, but at some point over the summer, we acquired an Ifor Williams 505 Horse Box and converted it into an Information Hub. The Hub will be mainly situated on Oxford St, Swansea, but being a horse box in a former life means we can get out and about.

It will also house David Blandy’s amazing Dylan Thomas Meets The Swansea Devil, a Guitar Hero style video arcade game.

It’s first outing will be at our launch on the 28th Sept at the National Waterfront Museum, before heading to Oxford Street in the city centre. It will also go out on various school and community group visits and to the National Engage Conference at the National Gallery, Cardiff. We are looking forward to hearing people’s responses to the work but also asking a few of our own such as:

  • Is public art important?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • What is your favourite piece of public art (if any) and why?
  • What would you like to see in your city?
  • Who is your favourite member of One Direction?

OK, I made the last one up, but anything goes really. We want to start a conversation with people and hear their opinions. We want to hear new ideas, give a voice to old concerns and try and provide a platform for the young, old and everyone inbetween.

Louise Wright, a Portfolio Manager at Arts Council of Wales sums this up neatly. ‘Meeting contemporary art in unexpected locations can be an exciting, often challenging and sometimes playful encounter, and in my experience always a fascinating conversation starter.

Successful artistic interventions in the public realm often call into question the dynamics of our relationship to place, community, ownership and can at times demand our participation to be an active citizen. Opportunities which provide artists and audiences to engage in Wales in this way and which inspire dialogue, such as Locws International are necessary and critical meeting points.’

So let us know what you think. Anything goes. Send us your pictures and opinions. You can comment here, or get involved on Facebook and Twitter @locws_art #artacrossthecity


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