Guided Tours 2014

Free guided tours around Swansea city centre have been offered to the public as well as schools and colleges in the area. They have been an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, with participants gaining inspiration for their studies, developing different perspectives on art, and others sharing their memories of Swansea in relation to the artworks. We have been busy guiding lots of people of all ages around the city centre, providing them with opportunities for taking photographs, drawing pictures and talking about Swansea.

On Wednesday 15.15.14, we took 20 students and lecturers from the Geography Department of Swansea University (UWTSD) for a guided tour of the public artworks currently on display in Swansea city centre. We happily provide ‘all-weather’ tours and considering the wet and windy weather on the day, we were very impressed that the students were so enthusiastic and came out with smiles on their faces! They said that they “Loved the visit! Very interesting and nicely presented.” One student thought it “opened our eyes to the art all around the city.”

Human Geography lecturer Amanda Rogers said;

“The students did really find it helpful I know, and it made them look at art works in a different way in relation to the city so that’s good.”

Guided tours are available free of charge to members of the public, local groups, organisations, schools and colleges.

To book a tour please email

photo 5

“A Powerful Statement!” – one student said referring to More Poetry is Needed by Jeremy Deller in St Mary’s Car Park.

photo 2

“It’s been interesting to see the high street in a different way!” – standing in front of We Are Here by Sean Puleston.

photo 4

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