Oystermouth Primary School – Tour and Workshop

Pupils from Oystermouth Primary school year 1 undertook a tour on 18/05/16 of the latest LOCWS International Art Across the City exhibit, RESISTANCE, the exciting commission by Rich White as part of the LOCWS Schools project during the Summer term 2016.

I was met with enthusiasm by the year 1 class from Oystermouth Primary school. I began my introduction and received several interesting comments.” – DM

Comments: “Art can be anything it can be made from wood, metal, found material. It can be made from anything and has to blow your mind” said Seren.

Miranda said, “Art has to be interesting”.



The children enjoyed exploring the art piece ‘Resistance’ by Rich White and were intrigued by the differences in the piece.” – DM

On one side you would use your imagination and on the other side it’s like a normal house walls”, said Orla.


The children used lots of technical language and were already keen artists.” – DM

One side is 3D and one side is 2D”, said Max.

The children spent a lot of time drawing the sculpture ad thinking about ideas for their art project in the school.” – DM

I enjoyed drawing the sculpture at the museum”, said Evie.

Sam said, “It reminded me of a haunted house”.

I liked it because it’s like a big den”, said Harry..

I am looking forward to seeing what ideas the children have when I visit the school after half term.” – DM

IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2627 IMG_2632 IMG_2649 IMG_2650

The pupils of Oystermouth Primary school then attended 2 days of creative workshops in their school where they created artwork in response to the tour led by our ‘Artist in Residence’; David Marchant. The workshops saw the children create exciting interpretive 2D and 3 D sculptures using mixed media. Take a look at some of the lovely examples below:

A child from Oystermouth Primary makes a sculpture using a hammer as the basis for the formA child from Oystermouth creates a structure resembling a windmillA child makes a door resembling Rich White's sculptureChildren prepare a strucutre by painting outsideThe structure becomes an installationA close-up of the installation featuring suspended toy animals and mammalsChildren interpret Rich White's sculpture in paintings of doors and other objects

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