Volunteers Day at the Lord Mayors Mansion

To celebrate National Volunteers Week 2016 and all the hard work done by volunteers across the third sector in the area, Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS) organised a fantastic event at the decadent Lord Mayors Mansion to give thanks and recognition to our local volunteers.

Volunteer coordinators across Swansea were invited to join the afternoon tea party along with some of their volunteers. The afternoon was attended by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Swansea, he welcomed all the guests and awarded certificates to each of the volunteers.  Below you can see our lovely volunteer Max Hirshfeld receiving his certificate before we all enjoyed tea and cake.

The event provided the opportunity for cross-organisation exchange, volunteers to meet other volunteers, and most importantly, the chance to hear lots of feedback from them about various volunteering experiences. This feedback will be used to construct a report that SCVS hope will be useful to volunteer managers and to our knowledge about what works.

Max Meets D.Lord Mayor!

DSC03768  IMG_3430  DSC03816


Eve Post SVF Vols Week full pg June 16 FINAL


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